Raised in New York City and Cavendish Vermont , Michael Hoffman was taught to paint from the early age of six by his uncle, the eminent portrait artist Irwin D. Hoffman. The enduring theme of his uncle's lessons were: Learn your craft; know your subject thoroughly; and develop a passion for it for only then can you do it artistic justice.



At age seventeen Michael left his uncle's tutelage and moved to Florida with his family, where upon his high school graduation he embarked on a career as a professional fisherman. His love of painting remained strong however, and in 1979 he decided to combine his two passions, fishing and painting and become a full time wildlife artist.


He was immediately accepted to the prestigious Crossroads of Sport Gallery in New York City,the center of wildlife art at the time. Michael's work was well received, reinforcing his decision to spend a life behind the easel.  


Thirty years have passed, and Michael is now an accomplished artist who enjoys painting a varied subject matter. He is equally at home painting landscapes, seascapes, classic sportfishing scenes, and of course his original passion, marine wildlife art.  

A featured artist in American Artist Magazine and three time Billfish Foundation's Artist Of The Year, Michael's list of patrons includes many well known sportsmen, celebrities and yachtsmen such as former President George H.W. Bush, actor Burt Reynolds, Detroit Pistons head coach the late Chuck Daley and country singer Alan Jackson. Michael's yacht portraits in particular are coveted by discriminating custom boat builders and owners such as Roy Merritt and Michael Rybovich. His artwork has been used as trophies and prizes in some of the most prestigious fishing tournaments from Cat Cay to St. Thomas.


Whether an underwater gamefish scene, or a yacht portrait, the common thread in Michael’s work is a tremendous emphasis on the environment itself. His handling of sky, water and the quality of light are what set his paintings apart. One of the most frequent comments upon viewing one Michaels sportfishing scenes is, ”this guy paints like he has been out there” and he has.


Mike is constantly working on new paintings and points of view from which to paint them. When not in the field, Michael can be found busily at work in his studio home in Stuart, Florida.

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